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Age: 26, Indiana
Body Type: Tight
Faith: Not Currently
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Job: Dental Assistant

Hey! - to all you guys out there, if you're looking for a smart, fun, out going, spontaneous, good looking female partner, I'm just the girl for
you. I'm into just about


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Age: 29, Indiana
Body Type: Slender
Faith: Christian
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Job: Marketing

Light my Fire. - Are you the one that's going to light my fire?? and can I light yours?? This girl needs an all around good Anderson single. And yes, looks are somewhat important, but what' more


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Age: 24, Indiana
Body Type: Skinny
Faith: I am a believer
Ethnicity: Single White Male
Job: Self Employed

Take me Fishing - I am a fun loving affectionate guy that enjoys life and the people around me. I like to fish, play Pool, and attend car shows. I am looking for singles in Indiana that likes to cuddle more

Online Singles: Ten Secrets for finding Singles in Indiana

There are many things that women wish that guys knew, but will never tell them. The problem is that if the girl has to tell the guy, it will ruin the relationship. For guys, this seems like an impossible position – “she knows what she wants, but won’t tell me.” Here are the top ten things that women wish guys knew.

1. Lead – Women in Indiana won’t tell men that they want them to lead, because just having to say it means that the guy does not lead. A leader does not need permission; they take the risk and just do it.

2. Ask her advice – This may seem contradictory to number 1, but it is not. Women want men to lead, but they want to be part of their lives and they want to be respected. The best way that to accomplish both of these is for the guy to decide what they want to do, tell her, then ask for her opinion.

3. Women choose guys on how they make them feel. Any guy who can make a girl feel appreciated, protected and cherished is on his way to winning her heart.

4. Make her laugh! Don’t take life too seriously. It can be tough being a woman. There are many roles to play – daughter, sister, wife and many goals to meet - good-looking, thin, coordinated clothing, etc. Give her a break! If a guy can show her that she does not have to be perfect to be accepted, he will be an unusual guy and she will love him for it.

5. Hold the door – Its something that women’s upbringing may tell them is not needed – after all she is independent, but women will usually like it anyway. Guys do not have to knock her down to get to the door first every time, but getting in the habit of opening doors when he can is a good thing.

6. Never start a conversation with an apology – “Excuse me…”, “Sorry to bother you…”. She may think the guy is polite, but he is violating rule number 1.

7. If a guy is in a loving relationship, hold hands! It shows that he cares for her and that he is not afraid of showing it in front of others. She will never tell him, but if he does it, he will have a happier life.

8. Call Her!! After every date, call her within a few days. Email, voicemail and text messaging do not count. Calling her as soon as he gets back to the apartment may be too soon, but any time later will be OK.

9. Even if she asks for the absolute truth, be careful about criticizing her appearance. If a guy in Indiana builds a fence around the back yard and asks a woman, “What do you think?” he does not want her to check the plumb on every post and let him know how he might improve his fence building! He wants her to say that it looks good! Same with her appearance. Guys, be very careful of how you answer!

10. Be passionate about something – in addition to her. This goes back to leadership. Men should have a sense of what they want to accomplish and how they are going to do it. Share your dreams and plans with her. This is one area where it is OK for guys to talk about something at some length. Even if she does not share his dream, she will respect him for having one.

It is one of the problems in dating, that there are things that most women in Indiana want and expect in a man that not all men understand. The rules of dating and behavior are being constantly rewritten and can seem confusing. The rules above have withstood the test of time and are as valid today as they were 200 years ago.

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